Sunday, September 2, 2007

#23 week #9 -- Summary of Library 2.0 project

Well, after many more grey hairs later, I can finally say I have completed this Library 2.0 project. It has been quite an experience, many many hrs. trying to figure things out, and becoming very frustrated with it at times. I have finally come to the end of this Library 2.0 project. Needless to say, I certainly became aware of many of these new technological tools available out there, some I will use again, others I may not. I really enjoyed the Podcasts, and You tube, they were fun to check out, and keeping the Blog and adding photos was great, which I hope to continue to use myself. I did find it quite rushed, and trying to keep up, it was hard to comprehend in such a short time frame. I think if there is another time, it should be a much slower pace, more time to do lessons, and not for so long as 9 wks. Certainly, it has been of great benefit, and I'm glad that I now have a little insight to some of these terms etc. even if I don't use a lot myself. With techology changing so rapidly, I think any chance like this for us to learn is very rewarding. Thanks for the opportunity. Helen House.

# 22 - NetLibrary Wk 9 -Audiobooks

I have established a NetLibrary account and have checked out some of the Netlibrary audiobook titles, trying different topics and seeing what titles would come up, looks like a great selection. Its great to see how it gives a description of what the book is about, showing the details, cover page and a place to add your email, so they can notify you when audiobook is available to download. There is such a high demand of seniors using these audio books just now, I should think that the Netlibrary selection would be such a benefit to expanding their selection available to them, and the fact they can download them at home, get them in both different languages such as French, or Spanish, would also be of benefit to many.

Podcasts Wk #9 --No. 21

I checked out a few of the podcasts, great to put a certain subject in and see what podcasts if any have been made. As for checking some of them out, one said not available, other said I had to install something??? I said "no" so not sure if I should have installed it or not, this was on my computer at my desk. Therefore, some podcasts, I didn't seem to have access to, but some I did see. It makes one realize there is so much more out there, on any subject, not just in print form anymore. Enjoyed this one, but still a bit confusing. I tried to add some podcast sites in my BlogLines account.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Week 9 Activity #20 Podcasts

I checked out some of the tools from and Yahoo Podcasts, both have displayed the info quite different. Great to punch in whatever topic you want and it will bring up the list of every podcast on that topic.
There were quite a few for libraries - Library channel, Open stacks. Library Playground, and for Book reviews many ex. Fred's world, Nancy Pearls Book reviews, and Teen Podcasting book reviews, just to name a few. This was quite interesting, although I had trouble viewing them. There were a couple of interest to me, Knitting step by step, All things fun.

# 20 Wk 9 YouTube

I have seen the video clip before around Nov. llth they usually show it on the Canadians War Veterans site, It is certainly one everyone should view, get the meaning across of "Remembrance Day". Never knew the You Tube existed, but it certainly a great way to check out a subject and see what videos have been done. Very much enjoyed. Helen